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Revista Peruana de Medicina Experimental y Salud Pública
Print version ISSN 1726-4634


Table of contents
Rev Peru Med Exp Salud Publica vol.28 n.1 Lima Mar. 2011

 ·  Diarrheal disease: a recurring problem in public health
Guillén, Alfredo

 ·  Public presentation of the updated version and historical review of Revista Peruana de Medicina Experimental y Salud Pública
Burstein Alva, Zuño

 Artículo Original
 ·  Frequency and pathotypes of diarrheagenic Escherichia coli in peruvian children with and without diarrhea
Ochoa, Theresa J.; Mercado, Erik H.; Durand, David; Rivera, Fulton P.; Mosquito, Susan; Contreras, Carmen; Riveros, Maribel; Lluque, Angela; Barletta, Francesca; Prada, Ana; Ruiz, Joaquim

 ·  Adhesion patterns in diffusely adherent Escherichia coli (DAEC) strains isolated from children With and without diarrhea
Riveros, Maribel; Barletta, Francesca; Cabello, Martín; Durand, David; Mercado, Erik H.; Contreras, Carmen; Rivera, Fulton P.; Mosquito, Susan; Lluque, Ángela; Ochoa, Theresa J.

 ·  Validation of the clock drawing test - Manos´ version - as a screening test for detection of dementia in older persons of Lima, Peru
Custodio, Nilton; García, Alberto; Montesinos, Rosa; Lira, David; Bendezú, Liliana

 ·  Health-related quality of life among urban and rural to urban migrant populations in Lima, Peru
Márquez-Montero, Gianmarco; Loret de Mola, Christian; Bernabé-Ortiz, Antonio; Smeeth, Liam; Gilman, Robert H.; Miranda, J. Jaime

 ·  Comparison between gastric biopsies without fixation for 24 hours and conventional biopsy for the diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori in a reference hospital in Peru
Vela-Velásquez, César Tadeo

 ·  Differences between observed and estimated by hematocrit hemoglobin and its relevance in the diagnosis of anemia among coastal population in Venezuela: analysis of the second national study of human growth and development (SENACREDH)
Flores-Torres, Jessica; Echeverría-Ortega, María; Arria-Bohorquez, Melissa; Hidalgo, Glida; Albano-Ramos, Carlos; Sanz, Rafael; Rodríguez-Morales, Alfonso J.

 ·  Predictive factors of alcohol use problems among patients visiting an emergency room
Fiestas, Fabián; Ponce, Javier; Gallo, Carla; Bustamante, Inés; Ordóñez, Carlos; Mazzotti, Guido

 ·  Correlation and concordance between the national test of medicine (ENAM) and the grade point average (GPA): analysis of the peruvian experience in the period 2007 - 2009
Huamaní, Charles; Gutiérrez, César; Mezones-Holguín, Edward

 Original Breve
 ·  Circulation of a different lineage of dengue virus serotype 2 American / Asian genotype in the Peruvian amazon, 2010
Mamani, Enrique; Álvarez, Carlos; García M., María; Figueroa, Dana; Gatti, Milady; Guio, Heinner; Merino, Susy; Valencia, Pedro; Calampa, Carlos; Franco, Leticia; Cabezas, César

 ·  Clinical characteristics of patients admitted to hospital "Cesar Garayar García", Iquitos during the dengue epidemic, January-February 2011
Fiestas Solórzano, Víctor; Sihuincha Maldonado, Moisés; Donaires Toscano, Fernando; Durand Velazco, Salomón; García M., María; Mamani, Enrique; Gómez de la Torre Pretell, Juan

 ·  Association of cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy and prolonged QT interval with cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
Ticse Aguirre, Ray; Villena, Jaime E.

 ·  Malocclusions in children and adolescents from villages and native communities in the Ucayali amazon region in Peru
Aliaga-Del Castillo, Arón; Mattos-Vela, Manuel Antonio; Aliaga-Del Castillo, Rosalinda; Del Castillo-Mendoza, Claudia

 Artículo de Revisión
 ·  Hemoglobin and testosterone: importance on high altitude acclimatization and adaptation
Gonzales, Gustavo F.

 ·  Vertical transmission of HTLV-1 in Peru
Alarcón Villaverde, Jorge; Romaní Romaní, Franco; Montano Torres, Silvia; Zunt, Joseph R

 Simposio: Diarrea
 ·  Environmental drivers of emergence and spreading of Vibrio epidemics in South America
Gavilán, Ronnie G.; Martínez-Urtaza, Jaime

 ·  Challenges and problems in the microbiological diagnosis in diarrhea
Guillén, Alfredo; Lucho, Johnny

 Special Section
 ·  Campylobacter and campylobacteriosis: a view from South America
Fernández, Heriberto

 ·  Experiences in the epidemiological surveillance of foodborne pathogens by pulsed field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) in Peru
Zamudio, María Luz; Meza, Ana; Bailón, Henri; Martinez-Urtaza, Jaime; Campos, Josefina

 ·  Historical report: first isolation of Vibrio cholera serogroup O1 biovar El Tor serovar Inaba during the cholerae epidemic in Perú ‑ 1991
Bravo Cruz, Nora; Guillén, Alfredo

 Case Report
 ·  Neonatal dengue in Peru: a case report
Silva Delgado, Hermann; Ruiz Ríos, Juan Carlo; Vela Barbarán, Erick Leray; Rengifo del Aguila, Deicy; García M, María; Rodríguez Benavides, Luis; Mendoza-Ticona, Alberto

 ·  Fulminant myocarditis and acute gastroenteritis due to Coxsackie virus B6
Málaga, Germán; Gayoso, Oscar; Lazo, María de los Angeles; Torres, Nancy

 Great Personalities of Public Health in Peru
 ·  Oscar Grados Bazalar (1929 - 2008)
Bravo Cruz, Nora; Guillén, Alfredo

 Picture Gallery
 ·  Etiologic agents of diarhea: bacteria and parasites of importance in children and adults
Zerpa L, Rito

 Letters to Editor
 ·  Levels of CD4 cell counts in hospitalized patients with diagnosis of dengue in hospital "César Garayar García", Iquitos
Sihuincha Maldonado, Moisés; Fiestas Solórzano, Víctor; Durand Velazco, Salomón; García M, María; Gatti, Milady

 ·  Impact of the dengue epidemic due to a new lineage of DENV-2 American/ Asian genotype in the health services demand in hospital "Cesar Garayar Garcia", Iquitos
Durand Velazco, Salomón; Fiestas Solórzano, Víctor; Sihuincha Maldonado, Moisés; Chávez Lencinas, Carlos; Vásquez Vela, Vicente; Torrejón Flores, Ciro; Rodríguez Ferruchi, Hugo; Cabezas Sánchez, César

 ·  Strongyloides spp. larvae in lettuces obtained in markets of Lima
Guerrero Barrantes, César; Garay Bambarén, Amparo; Guillén, Alfredo

 ·  Need for a consensus in the diagnosis of human toxocariasis: implications for the latin american public health
Rodríguez-Morales, Alfonso J.; Echeverri-Cataño, Luis Felipe; Delgado, Olinda

 ·  Vertical or circumstantial transmission?
Sandoval Gutiérrez, José Luis

 ·  Using twitter to promote continuous educat ion and health research in Peru
Curioso, Walter H.; Alvarado-Vásquez, Eduardo; Calderón-Anyosa, Renzo

 ·  Climate change, rainfall, society and disasters in Latin America: relations and needs
Rodríguez-Morales, Alfonso J.