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Revista Peruana de Medicina Experimental y Salud Pública
Print version ISSN 1726-4634


Table of contents
Rev Peru Med Exp Salud Publica vol.28 n.2 Lima Jun. 2011

 ·  Human Resources for Health
Soto, Alonso

 ·  National agenda for research in human resources for health: generating evidence for improving the health sector competences
Yagui, Martín; Vargas, Javier

 Artículo Original
 ·  Supply and demand of medical specialists in the health facilities of the Ministry of Health: national, regional and by type of specialty gaps
Zevallos, Leslie; Pastor, Reyna; Moscoso, Betsy

 ·  Labor projection in the countryside and associated factors in newly collegiated physicians in Lima, Peru 2010
Mayta-Tristán, Percy; Mejia, Christian R.; Riega-Lopez, Pedro; Rojas-Mezarina, Leonardo; Posso, Margarita; Mezones-Holguín, Edward

 ·  Supply and demand of clinical practice fields for training undergraduate health sciences students in Peru, 2005-2009
Alva, Javier; Verastegui, George; Velasquez, Edgar; Pastor, Reyna; Moscoso, Betsy

 ·  Level of knowledge in medical emergencies among medical students of peruvian universities
Mejia, Christian R.; Quezada-Osoria, Claudia; Moras-Ventocilla, Cinthya; Quinto-Porras, Kelly; Ascencios-Oyarce, Carlos

 ·  Design of the National Surveillance of Nutritional Indicators (MONIN), Peru 2007-2010
Campos-Sánchez, Miguel; Ricaldi-Sueldo, Rita; Miranda-Cuadros, Marianella; Equipo MONIN

 ·  Prevalence of overwight and obesity among children under five years in Peru 2007-2010
Pajuelo-Ramírez, Jaime; Miranda-Cuadros, Marianella; Campos-Sánchez, Miguel; Sánchez-Abanto, José

 ·  Long-lasting insecticide - treated bednet ownership, retention and usage one year after their distribution in Loreto, Peru
Rosas-Aguirre, Angel; Guzmán-Guzmán, Mitchel; Moreno-Gutierrez, Diamantina; Rodriguez-Ferrucci, Hugo; Vargas-Pacherrez, Daniel; Acuña-González, Ysabel

 ·  Study of marine actinomycetes isolated from the central coast of Peru and their antibacterial activity against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus faecalis
León, Jorge; Aponte, Juan José; Rojas, Rosario; Cuadra, D´Lourdes; Ayala, Nathaly; Tomás, Gloria; Guerrero, Marco

 ·  Cardiovascular risk factors and apolipoproteic profile in a group of adults treated in a public health center in Carabobo state, Venezuela
Ruiz, Nelina; Castillo, Valerie; Colina, Francys; Espinoza, Milagros; Leal, Ulises; Gonzalez, Julio César

 ·  Diagnosis of drug-related problems in elderly patients at the time of hospitalization
Oscanoa, Teodoro J.

 ·  Atorvastatin induced increase in homologous angiotensin i converting enzyme (ACE2) mRNA is associated to decreased fibrosis and decreased left ventricular hypertrophy in a rat model of diabetic cardiomyopathy
Aguilar, Cristian; Ventura, Freddy; Rodríguez-Delfín, Luis

 Original Breve
 ·  Seroprevalence of Leptospirosis in Puente Piedra, Lima, in 2006
Platts-Mills, James A.; LaRochelle, Patrick; Campos, Kalina; Vinetz, Joseph M.; Gotuzzo, Eduardo; Ricaldi, Jessica N.

 ·  Mental health in physicians doing the rural and suburban health service in Peru: a baseline study
Galán-Rodas, Edén; Gálvez-Buccollini, Juan Antonio; Vega-Galdós, Favio; Osada, Jorge; Guerrero-Padilla, Daisy; Vega-Dienstmaier, Johann; Talledo, Lety; Catacora, Manuel; Fiestas, Fabián

 ·  Tuberculous spondylitis in adults: a case series from a reference hospital in Lima, Peru
Castillo-Angeles, Manuel; De la Cruz Luque, Celso; Zelada, Henry; Vilela-Sangay, Ana Rosa; Samalvides, Frine; Málaga, Germán

 ·  Translational research and its contribution to the decision making process in health policies
Cabieses, Báltica; Espinoza, Manuel A.

 Simposio: Recursos Humanos en Salud
 ·  Global health workforce alliance: increasing the momentum for health workforce development
Afzal, Muhammad; Cometto, Giorgio; Rosskam, Ellen; Sheikh, Mubashar

 ·  Mid-level health providers: a promising resource
Brown, Andrew; Cometto, Giorgio; Cumbi, Amelia; de Pinho, Helen; Kamwendo, Francis; Lehmann, Uta; McCourt, Willy; McPake, Barbara; Pariyo, George; Sanders, David; HRH Exchange of the Global Health Workforce Alliance

 ·  Overcoming the hurdle of implementation: putting human resources for health tools into action
McCaffery, James A.

 ·  Strategies for increasing the impact of research on human resources for health policy development
Adam, Taghreed; Ghaffar, Abdul

 ·  Addressing the Human Resources for Health crisis in countries: How far have we gone? What can we expect to achieve by 2015?
Dayrit, Manuel M.; Dolea, Carmen; Dreesch, Norbert

 Special Section
 ·  Health professionals for a new century: transforming education to strengthen health systems in an interdependent world
Frenk, Julio; Chen, Lincoln; Bhutta, Zulfiqar A; Cohen, Jordan; Crisp, Nigel; Evans, Timothy; Fineberg, Harvey; García, Patricia J.; Ke, Yang; Kelley, Patrick; Kistnasamy, Barry; Meleis, Afaf; Naylor, David; Pablos-Mendez, Ariel; Reddy, Srinath; Scrimshaw, Susan; Sepulveda, Jaime; Serwadda, David; Zurayk, Huda

 ·  Remunerations, benefits and labor incentives perceived by health care workers in Peru: an analysis comparing the Ministry of Health and the Social Insurance, 2009
Pardo, Karim; Andia, Marcelino; Rodriguez, Amado; Pérez, Walter; Moscoso, Betsy

 ·  Implementation of medical specialists brigades in the areas of Universal Health coverage: the peruvian Ministry of Health experience, 2009-2010
Barzola-Cordero, Violeta; Llamosas, Ena; Echegaray, Ciro; Cuzco, María; Peralta, Felipe

 ·  Plansalud: Decentralized and agreed sector plan for the capacity development in health, Peru 2010-2014
Huamán-Angulo, Lizardo; Liendo-Lucano, Lindaura; Nuñez-Vergara, Manuel; Equipo Técnico de la DGGDRH

 ·  Process of construction of the national research agenda on Human Resources in Health in Peru 2011 - 2014
Curisinche, Maricela; Yagui, Martín; Castilla, Teresa; Cabezas, César; Escalante, Giovanni; Casas, María; Lucero, Jorge

 Case Report
 ·  Interferon-induced autoimmune thyroiditis in a patient with hepatitis C virus infection
Pinto, José L.; Pinto, Miguel E.

 Great Personalities of Public Health in Peru
 ·  German Battistini Moore (1916-2010)
Burstein A., Zuño

 Picture Gallery
 ·  Human resources for health: a view inside Peru
Salaverry, Oswaldo

 Letters to Editor
 ·  Intention in the way of getting the medical diploma among medical interns in Peru, 2010
Galán-Rodas, Edén; Díaz-Vélez, Cristian; Mejia, Christian R.

 ·  Why do effective interventions to improve childhood survival not reach those who most need them?
Velásquez, Anibal

 ·  Research: from hobby to job
Osada, Jorge; Ponce, Mario

 ·  Hospital earthquake vulnerability: experiences from the Hospital Regional de Ica within four years from the disaster
Pereyra-Elías, Reneé; Elías-Barrera, Carmen Cecilia; Morales-Soto, Nelson

 ·  Childhood malnutrition in Peru: conditionant factors and trends
Gutiérrez, Wilfredo

 ·  Rethinking the education of XXI century health professionals: changes and actions in a global world
García, Patricia J.