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Revista Peruana de Medicina Experimental y Salud Pública
Print version ISSN 1726-4634


Table of contents
Rev Peru Med Exp Salud Publica vol.29 n.3 Lima Jul./Sep. 2012

 ·  Overweight and obesity in Peru: urgent need to have a public health policy for their control
Lanata, Claudio F.

 ·  Revista Peruana de Medicina Experimental y Salud Pública: generating a publication culture in Peru
Cabezas, César

 Research Papers
 ·  Overweight and obesity: prevalence and determining social factors of overweight in the peruvian population (2009-2010)
Álvarez-Dongo, Doris; Sánchez-Abanto, Jose; Gómez-Guizado, Guillermo; Tarqui-Mamani, Carolina

 ·  Consumption of chispitas® multimicronutrient supplements and anemia in 6 - 35-month-old children: cross-cut study in the context of a populational health intervention in Apurimac, Peru
Huamán-Espino, Lucio; Aparco, Juan Pablo; Nuñez-Robles, Eloisa; Gonzáles, Elena; Pillaca, Jenny; Mayta-Tristán, Percy

 ·  Change in nutritional status over the course of antituberculosis treatment in current and past beneficiaries of the program PANTBC
Aparco, Juan Pablo; Huamán-Espino, Lucio; Segura, Eddy R

 ·  Hemoglobin levels in pregnant women seen in health care centers of the peruvian ministry of health, 2011
Munares-García, Oscar; Gómez-Guizado, Guillermo; Barboza-Del Carpio, Juan; Sánchez-Abanto, José

 ·  Identification of tachypnea and subcostal retractions as clinical signs for the diagnosis of community-acquired pneumonia among children: systematic review and meta-analysis
Domecq, Juan Pablo; Prutsky, Gabriela; Lazo, María de los Ángeles; Salazar, Carlos; Montori, Víctor; Prevost, Yolanda; Huicho, Luis; Erwin, Patricia; Málaga, Germán

 ·  Overweight and obesity in indigenous nahuas from Ixtaczoquitlán, Veracruz, Mexico
Herrera-Huerta, Emma V; García-Montalvo, Eliud A; Méndez-Bolaina, Enrique; López-López, José G; Valenzuela, Olga L

 ·  Use of resources and costs associated to fractures in spanish women
Sicras-Mainar, Antoni; Navarro-Artieda, Ruth; Ibáñez-Nolla, Jordi

 Simposio: Nutrition
 ·  Consequences of obesity in children and teenagers: a problem that requires attention
Liria, Reyna

 ·  Determining factors of overweight and obesity in children at school age in Peru
Mispireta, Monica L

 ·  Transitions in context: findings related to rural-to-urban migration and chronic non-communicable diseases in Peru
Miranda, J. Jaime; Wells, Jonathan C. K; Smeeth, Liam

 ·  How to feed children? Healthy eating behaviors starting at childhood
Black, Maureen M; Creed-Kanashiro, Hilary M

 ·  Food and diet factors associated to child obesity: recommendations for preventing it in children under two years of age
Saavedra, José M; Dattilo, Anne M

 Case Report
 ·  Secondary vasculitis to infection by Fasciola hepatica
Málaga, Germán; Taco-Palma, Rubén; Cáceres-Pizarro, Jaime; Lazo, María de los Angeles; Castaneda-Guarderas, Ana; Ticse, Ray

 ·  Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (Rio Mamore Virus) in the Peruvian Amazon region
Casapía, Martín; Mamani, Enrique; García, María P; Miraval, María L; Valencia, Pedro; Quino, Alberto H; Álvarez, Carlos; Donaires, Luis F

 Special Section
 ·  Potential use of snake venom components in cancer treatment
Vivas, Dan; Inga, Rosío; Yarlequé, Armando

 ·  Evolution of chronic malnutrition in children under five in Peru
Sánchez-Abanto, José

 Picture Gallery
 ·  Native food: peruvian plants
Salaverry, Oswaldo

 History of Public Health
 ·  Food in ancient Peru: haku mikumusum (let’s go to eat!)
Salaverry, Oswaldo

 Letters to Editor
 ·  Hantavirus infection: some considerations of this new infection in Peru
Jhonston, Erik J; Casanova, W; Rodriguez-Ferrucci, Hugo

 ·  Assaults against health workers in Tacna, Peru
Ancalli-Calizaya, Félix; Cohaila, Giuliana; Maquera-Afaray, Julio

 ·  National health investigation priorities as categories in the 2012 Scientific Congress of medicine students
Carrillo-Larco, Rodrigo M; Montúfar-Crespo, Silvia M; Mayta, Berenice