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Salud Colectiva
On-line version ISSN 1851-8265


Table of contents
Salud Colectiva vol.5 n.1 Lanús Jan./Apr. 2009

 ·  Scientific policy: to handle the precariousness of excesses and to denaturalize the omnipotent "publicationalist" ideology
Castiel, Luis David; Sanz-Valero, Javier

 ·  Violence and practical ethics
Schramm, Fermin Roland

 ·  The Primary Health Care strategy: progressiveness or retrogressiveness in the health rights?
Ase, Ivan; Burijovich, Jacinta

 ·  A revision of the studies around gastrointestinal diseases: in search of new alternatives for the analysis of the health-disease processes
Sy, Anahi

 ·  The contribution of the ethnographic method to the register of the epidemiological data: Quechua aborigine sociocultural epidemiology of Potosí city
Ramírez Hita, Susana

 ·  Small great customers: the advertising of breastmilk substitutes in two Argentinean pediatric journals between 1977 and 2006
Vallone, Fernando

 ·  Police officers and medical doctors during the yellow fever epidemic (Buenos Aires, 1871)
Galeano, Diego

 Founding texts
 ·  Community medicine: introduction to a critical analysis
Paim, Jairnilson Silva

 ·  The vaccine against HPV: the conflict of interest
Laurell, Asa Cristina