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Salud Colectiva
On-line version ISSN 1851-8265


Table of contents
Salud Colectiva vol.7 n.2 Lanús May./Aug. 2011

 ·  Glyphosate: part of a eugenics model?
Carrasco, Andrés Eduardo

 ·  Four words regarding clinical trials: science/profit, risks/benefits
Ugalde, Antonio; Homedes, Núria

 ·  The precautionary principle in biomedical research, safety, post-research obligations and alleged therapeutic efficacy of experimental drugs: violations of patient dignity
Gonorazky, Sergio Eduardo

 ·  Toward independent clinical trials in Latin America: comments on "Four words regarding clinical trials"
Tajer, Carlos Daniel

 ·  Clinical research in Latin America and Argentina: time for a change?
Ferrante, Daniel

 ·  Questioning clinical trials
Martínez, Ricardo Alberto

 ·  Two more words regarding clinical trials: deception/truth, the moral anemia of Big Pharma
Gómez-Vargas, Marvin

 ·  Clinical trials, the State and society: where does science end and profit-making begin?
Lorenzo, Cláudio; Garrafa, Volnei

 ·  Four other keywords to critically analyze a clinical trial: hypothesis, implementation, analysis and publication
Forcades i Vila, Teresa

 ·  Authors' response
Ugalde, Antonio; Homedes, Núria

 ·  So that man might once again sing while he works: the Instituto de Medicina del Trabajo (IMT) and worker health
Martin, Ana Laura; Spinelli, Hugo

 ·  Children's food consumption in schools: between playgrounds, classrooms and cafeterias
Piaggio, Laura; Concilio, Celeste; Rolón, Marina; Macedra, Guadalupe; Dupraz, Silvina

 ·  Social representations linked to school feeding: the case of public schools in Mexico City
Théodore, Florence L; Bonvecchio Arenas, Anabelle; Blanco García, Ilian; Carreto Rivera, Yohani

 Founding texts
 ·  Social and economic determinants of mortality in Latin America
Behm, Hugo

 ·  Dr. Hugo Behm Rosas: a pioneer in social medicine (Santiago 1913 - San José 2011)
Molina Martínez, Gloria; Gamboa De Bernardi, Rubén; Novoa, Jocelyn

 ·  The "impact" of national science and technology policies on scientific publications