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Salud Colectiva
On-line version ISSN 1851-8265


Table of contents
Salud Colectiva vol.7  suppl.1 Lanús Oct. 2011

 ·  Information and communication technologies in the European Higher Education Area
San Miguel del Hoyo, Begoña

 ·  Information access as a social determinant of health
Guimarães, Maria Cristina Soares; Silva, Cícera Henrique; Noronha, Ilma Horsth

 ·  Open Access: new models of scientific publishing in web 2.0 environments
Veiga de Cabo, Jorge; Martín-Rodero, Helena

 ·  Virtual health research: information and communication technologies as a revolutionary factor in the way of doing science
Wanden-Berghe, Carmina; Sabucedo, Luis; Martínez de Victoria, Ignacio

 ·  Information, self-help and identity creation: information and communication technologies (ICTs) and associations for the physically disabled. The example of poliomyelitis
Ballester, Rosa; Bueno, Eduardo; Sanz-Valero, Javier

 ·  Radio broadcasts regarding child nutrition and hygiene in the Second Spanish Republic (1933-1935)
Bernabeu Mestre, Josep; Trescastro López, Eva; Galiana Sánchez, María Eugenia

 ·  Indexing languages in e-Health: applications for documents about eating disorders
Sanz-Valero, Javier; Guardiola-Wanden-Berghe, Rocío; Castiel, Luis David

 ·  E-services platform for child-oriented nutritional education and health
Álvarez Sabucedo, Luis; Míguez Pérez, Rubén; Santos Gago, Juan M; Alonso Rorís, Victor M; Mikic, Fernando