A sampling of World TB Day events

This year’s World TB Day falls on 24 March. It was marked by a series of national and international events coordinated by the partners of the Stop TB partnership.

  • 16 March, Cape Town, South Africa: Archbishop Desmond Tutu launches World TB Day with the publication of a new report by the Stop TB partnership: A human rights approach to tuberculosis.

  • 20 March, New York, USA: the medical relief agency Me´ decins Sans Frontie` res (MSF) holds a panel discussion, chaired by Pulitzer prize-winning author Laurie Garrett, on Defusing the time bomb: the world’s TB crisis.

  • 21 March, Washington DC, USA: the [US] National Council for the Elimination of TB and the Stop TB partnership launch the Global TB Drug Facility (see main text) and outline plans to introduce a new bill in the US Congress — the Omnibus Tuberculosis Control Bill 2001 —designed to boost US funding for national and global TB control activities.

  • 23 March, Brussels, Belgium: the Global Alliance for TB Drug Development releases early research findings from a new study — The pharmaco-economics of TB drug development—which demonstrate the large market potential for a new TB drug that could reduce the treatment period from six to two months.

  • 23 March, Moscow, Russian Federation: MSF holds a Contagious concert, in which young musicians perform works by composers who suffered from tuberculosis —including Chopin, Liszt, Shostakovitch, and Stravinsky.
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