In editorials this month, Peter S Hill et al. (854) discuss the changing scene of global development aid and Philipp du Cros et al. (855) highlight the lack of services for children with tuberculosis.

In the news section, Fiona Fleck & Theresa Braine (860–861) report on how animal and human health experts work together to avert disease outbreaks. Ben Jones & Amy Jing (858–859) report on efforts to tackle health-care fraud around the world. In an interview, former Norwegian prime minister Kjell Magne Bondevik (862–863) talks about his personal experience of mental illness.


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Building markets for vaccines

Tania Cernuschi et al. (913–918) describe the challenges of designing an advance market commitment for pneumococcal vaccines.

Chronic pulmonary aspergillosis

David W Denning et al. (864–872) estimate the global burden of this fungal infection that is often misdiagnosed as tuberculosis.

Pitfalls of randomization

Mike English et al. (907–912) say researchers should not rely only on randomized controlled trials when evaluating health system interventions.

Flawed statistics on sexual violence

Tia Palermo & Amber Peterman (924–926) call for better estimates of the frequency of sexual violence during war.

Why do workers leave?

Lungiswa Nkonki et al. (919–923) discuss a lack of research on lay health worker attrition.

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