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In the editorial section, Veerle Lejon et al. (718) explain the difficulties of accurately diagnosing sleeping sickness. Claire E Brolan et al. (719) make a case for including migrant populations in development goals. In the news, Victoria Ivleva (722–723) reports on a healthy city initiative in the Russian Federation. Fiona Fleck interviews Catherine Hamlin (724–725) about her experience providing surgery for obstetric fistula in Ethiopia.


Posing questions, determining answers

Magdalena Z Raban et al. (726–735) show how estimates in catastrophic health expenditure vary between surveys.


Caring for newborn babies at home

Amnesty E LeFevre et al. (736–745) evaluate different ways of delivering care.

Tobacco's rising toll

Dewan S Alam et al. (757–764) estimate deaths due to smoking.

Lao People's Democratic Republic

Collateral damage

Bouavanh Southivong et al. (765–772) study the hidden sequelae of landmine injuries.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Growing old, getting confused

Angelique Mavrodaris et al. (773–783) review the prevalence of dementia and cognitive impairment.


After the earthquake

Osuke Iwata et al. (784–789) describe infectious disease surveillance efforts.


Reimbursing hospitals

Inke Mathauer & Friedrich Wittenbecher (746–756) review the challenges of using diagnosis-related groups.

Making progress

Lawrence O Gostin et al. (790–793) argue for a framework convention on global health.

Beyond deaths, illness

Tabassum Firoz et al. (794–796) focus on maternal morbidity.

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