In editorials this month, Rachael Peletz et al. (238) explain why HIV programmes need to provide filters for Cryptosporidium parasites and Ruth Birgin (239) argues against compulsory detention of people who use drugs. Motunrayo Bello (242 - 243) reports on Nigeria's response to high levels of hypertension; the topic of this year's World Health Day, on 7 April.


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To vaccinate or not

Keymanthri Moodley et al. (290 - 297) consider the ethical dilemmas of emergency vaccination programmes.


Less fat, better nutrition

Shauna M Downs et al. (262 - 269) review the evidence for policies to reduce unsaturated fats in food.


Avoiding unintended harms

Mirko S Winkler et al. (298 - 305) describe the untapped potential of health impact assessment.


Playing the end game

Dermot Maher (283 - 289) lists the human qualities needed to eradicate polio.

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