Wheel of time

One day nearly three years ago I was working in my office at the Institute of Scientific and Technological Communication and Information in Health (Icict/Fiocruz) when I received an unexpected visit from Carlos Coimbra Jr. with the surprising news that he was preparing to resign as Editor of CSP after 20 years. He came to talk and ask for my collaboration in the transition. I immediately began to ponder over the daunting task of finding a replacement for someone I considered irreplaceable. It soon became clear that the model had to change. We talked about the idea of having three Editors-in-Chief, which turned out to be the best alternative. In a few days Coimbra Jr. had made his choices, confirming that we would be three female Editors-in-Chief. He invited me to be part of the trio, which I accepted with great interest, but on a temporary basis, since I too had already been with CSP for 20 years (first on the Editorial Board and later as Associate Editor). To compose the trio he invited Marilia Sá Carvalho and Cláudia Medina Coeli, researchers with very distinct expertise, acting in different areas of Public Health and lending diversity to the journal’s Editorial line. We soon formed a cohesive group as Editors-in-Chief, completely absorbed by our new and challenging task. Evangelina de Oliveira immediately nicknamed us with the acronym “mc2”.

In moving from Associate Editor to Editor-in-Chief, I was finally able to learn the entire editorial process. The first few months were truly intense. Many conversations, readings, and discussions resulted in the construction of the foundations for our editorial policy, expressed in the various “pink” editorials we published during that period 11. Carvalho MS, Travassos C, Coeli CM. Um ano cor de rosa. Cad Saúde Pública 2013; 29:2365-7.. Working with Marilia and Cláudia has been fascinating, a huge pleasure: intellectually creative and enriching work, focused on the diffusion of high-quality science, relevant and ethically committed, producing a journal capable of capturing our readers’ interest, engaged in timely issues for Public Health and Brazilian health policy. These thoughts were shared with a wide and expert group of Associate Editors, some of whom were already longstanding colleagues at the journal. The demands spawned by the groundbreaking changes in contemporary science publishing, notably the growing market approach and intense use of new technologies, led us to expand our scope of action, and we actively sought new partnerships. In these three years we participated in the collective process that led to the creation of the Fiocruz Forum of Science Editors and the Periodicals Portal (http://periodicos.fiocruz.br/pt-br), as well as the Forum of Public Health Editors of Abrasco (the Brazilian Association of Public Health).

Throughout this time I have shared my work with the Assistant Editors and other coworkers that dedicate every day to making CSP an outstanding journal through editorial professionalism and excellent graphic quality. The experience has always been enjoyable with committed people that openly express pride in their work. But now my role as Editor-in-Chief is coming to an end. We Editors have scheduled for me to step down in September, exactly when I will have completed three years. We wanted to keep a female trio, and invited “Kalu”, or researcher Luciana Dias de Lima of the Department of Health Administration and Planning (DAPS) at the Sergio Arouca National School of Public Health (ENSP/Fiocruz). To be succeeded by Kalu is to feel the wheel of time turning. We worked together on several occasions when Kalu was younger and still in training. The years passed, and “ time turned in an instant... ” (from the song Roda Viva, by Chico Buarque). Kalu brings to CSP her unbridled determination, energy, a solid command of her field of knowledge, and commitment to Public Health. The wheel is thus kept alive and turning. The trio of Editors-in-Chief at CSP is gaining new energy to continue its important work.

Claudia Travassos

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    Carvalho MS, Travassos C, Coeli CM. Um ano cor de rosa. Cad Saúde Pública 2013; 29:2365-7.

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    Sept 2015
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