Interface - Comunicação, Saúde, Educação is concluding 2007 by completing its eleventh volume with this issue, and by sharing some good news with our readers and contributors.

The first news relates to the invitation extended to Lilia Blima Schraiber, which was fortunately accepted, for her to join the journal's group of editors. She has been an associate editor of Interface since it was launched in 1997 and has actively contributed towards constant improvements in our editorial project and towards the quality of the scientific merit assessments that are carried out on texts submitted for publication. Her experience and participation in the field of Public Health as a thinker and researcher will provide the editorial team with more strength in its task of laying out for the scientific community some of the production of knowledge that best expresses the innovations and advances in the subject areas of our journal.

We are also concluding the year having reached the milepost of 250 manuscript submissions (which was attained in the last few days of November). This volume of contributions had already required us to publish every four months during 2007. Now, it has made us adopt a quarterly publication schedule for 2008, as a means of reducing the time elapsed between article approval and actual publication.

Seeking to achieve more agility in our editorial management process, we present our third novelty: from February 1, 2008, all submissions will be made online, through a system developed by Scielo (Scielo Submission) for journals in its library. The quality of this system will provide greater speed for the editorial process and will make it possible for authors to follow the progress of the whole process. It will ensure faster communication between authors and the editorial team and between the editorial team and its scientific editorial board and ad hoc reviewers, in the different stages of manuscript appraisal. By reducing the time spent on flows of paper, we hope to decrease costs and improve the quality of the journal team's work.

Finally, in 2008, will be concentrating our efforts on expanding the presence of Interface among the Latin American and Iberian scientific community, through seeking new contributors and reviewers within the international community. In this way, we hope to ensure the presence of the journal in additional international databases, achieve support from funding agencies and increase the recognition of the scientific merit of Interface in appraisal processes.


Antonio Pithon Cyrino
Miriam Celi Pimentel Porto Foresti

UNESP Botucatu - SP - Brazil
E-mail: intface@fmb.unesp.br