The scientific production about biosafety in Brazil



Tatiana Pereira das Neves

Dissertação (Mestrado), 2006 Programa de Pós-Graduação em Saúde Pública, Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública, Fundação Oswaldo Cruz



Keywords: Biosafety. Biotechnology. Work. Worker's health.



This research examines the scientific production about biosafety in Brazil. Therefore, it analyses dissertations and thesis regarding the subject, using the CAPES'site of thesis. The evaluation of these academic productions consisted in the integration of qualitative and quantitative approaches. The themes that emerged analysis of the researches were: work and biotechnology, that appeared in nucleus of meaning that permitted evidence the different conceptions that involve the biosafety. In respect to the first theme, it was found that most of the academic productions proposes an insufficient and inadequate conception of health/work connection, with an approach very technicist. In second theme observes that the biosafety emerge as technical-scientific instrument for the risk control, that conceals strategically the complexities and uncertainties inherent the biotechnology and appears as a normative and legitimating tool for the decision-making based exclusively in the science. It concludes that it's urgent to promote a wide debate about the questions tackled in the present research, that regards, effectively, the different approaches about risk and ensures the participation of several social actors with interest in the subject.



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