The conception of the human condition in the teacher-nurse's pedagogic practice in a dialogue with the complex thought



Keywords: Psychiatrization. Madness. Psychopharmacs. Biologization. Subjectivity.



The graduation in health professional and nursing is challenging about the process of professionalization and human formation, which raises questions about how the human condition is being experienced in the class. The teacher builds with students from the lesson objectives, the contents, the methodology, the assessment strategies and establishing relationships with them, a conception of human being. Thus, this research aims to reflect on the understanding of the human condition that is being constructed by the teachers-nurses in their practice.

This is a qualitative study, of explanatory type, as having as scenery to Nursing School (FAEN) on Rio Grande do Norte State University (UERN) in Mossoró/RN. We count on the participation of four teachers-nurses, and two taught at the Nursing in the health-disease Adult, and two in Nursing in the health-disease of the Third Age, both taught at the seventh period of the Nursing course in the semester academic 2012.1. In this research, in addition to knowing the conceptions and experiences of teachers-nurses about the human condition in nursing education, presented them with some ideas of Edgar Morin and ask your opinion about the experience in their nursing course. Morin proposes the experience of complex thought, that is, a way of seeing reality from different perspectives that constitute it.

As results, the teachers-nurses exposed different conceptions about the human condition: just like a being influenced by the context in which it is inserted, or a being who is influenced as well as have the ability to influence and transform the reality of which it is part, or also one being moved by reasons, emotions and feelings, which needs others to live. The teachers stated that the conception of the human condition proposed by Edgar Morin can help them to glimpse the student in other dimensions than just the professional. When observing the classes, we realize that teachers, at some moments, built a conception of human being different from that expressed in the interview. The teachers affirmed that the conception of human as a being at the same time, biological, cultural, historical, social, emotional, which establishes relations with other subjects, proposed by Edgar Morin, can help them envision the student in other dimensions that it is not only the professional. We identified even the teachers during the interviews showed difficulty of reflecting on their human condition.

This situation is related to the actual formation process of these teachers-nurses in which there was no more space for them to know themselves. Finally, we realize that many characters are still active, though discreetly, in nursing education: Cartesianism, rationalism, the biomedical model. They end up stealing the scene teachers-nurses. In a few moments, go further and lead teachers to distance themselves from themselves. Therefore, the importance of other studies be conducted with the aim of think about strategies that help teachers-nurses to reflect more on their human condition in nursing education so that they can help students get to know more as human beings.

Elane da Silva Barbosa
Dissertação (Mestrado), 2013
Programa de Pós-graduação em Educação POSEDUC, Universidade do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte



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