About the Contributors

Yoan Alemán-Campos MS

Biochemist with a master’s degree in virology. Mr Alemán-Campos is assistant professor and adjunct researcher at Havana’s Pedro Kourí Tropical Medicine Institute, where his research includes work on HIV anti-retroviral resistance and nonpolio enteroviruses associated with acute flaccid paralysis. His national scientific honors include the 2017 award for outstanding young medical researcher, given by Cuba’s Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment.

Hanlet Camacho-Rodríguez MS

Microbiologist with a master’s degree in neurosciences. Mr Camacho-Rodríguez is associate researcher at Cuba’s Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in Havana. His current studies focus on pharmacogenomics and elucidating the mechanisms of action of drugs under development.

María E. Elorza PhD

Economist. Dr Elorza is assistant researcher at Argentina’s Southern Economic and Social Research Institute and teaches economics at the Southern National University in Bahía Blanca (Buenos Aires Province), Argentina. She is currently looking at how to optimize health service delivery in primary care, including identification of older adults’ needs and access barriers for vulnerable populations.

Sara Más Farías

Journalist. Ms Más focuses on contemporary Cuban society, particularly the status of women. She reports for Mujeres magazine in Cuba and is the Havana correspondent for the Latin American and Caribbean Women’s News Service (SEMlac). She has edited two collections of essays on Cuban women.

Rolando F. Ochoa-Azze MD PhD

Immunologist. Dr Ochoa-Azze is professor at the Medical University of Havana, and senior advisor, senior researcher and member of the Strategic Council of Havana’s Finlay Vaccine Institute, where he also directs its medical publishing house. Widely published and the holder of multiple patents, in 2005, Dr Ochoa-Azze received Cuba’s highest scientific distinction, the Carlos J. Finlay Order.

Armando H. Seuc PhD

Statistician. Dr Seuc is senior researcher and full professor at Cuba’s National Hygiene, Epidemiology and Microbiology Institute. He has published widely on statistical topics in medicine and for five years provided statistical advice and leadership at WHO in Geneva. His current research focuses on chronic non-communicable disease burden and risk factors.

Emily M. Wright

Doctoral candidate in population health sciences, Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Ms Wright is a clinical research coordinator at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Her research interests include burden of and risk factors for chronic non-communicable diseases globally; multilevel social, economic and occupational determinants of health disparities; and quality and outcomes of medical care in underserved populations.

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    Jul-Sep 2018
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