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Chapman HJ, Armas-Pérez LA, Lauzardo M, González-Ochoa ER. Moving Closer to Tuberculosis Elimination through Institutional Scientific Collaboration: Opportunities for Cuba and the USA. MEDICC Rev. 2018;20(2):59–63.

Page 60, Table 1, rows 9 and 10: row labels “New cases (%)” and “Previously treated cases (%)” should be indented, to make clear that they are subsets of MDR-TB cases.

González-Quevedo A, Santiesteban-Freixas R, Eells JT, Lima L Sadun AA. Cuban Epidemic Neuropathy: Insights into the Toxic–Nutritional Hypothesis through International Collaboration. MEDICC Rev. 2018 Apr;20(2):27–31.

Page 30, first complete paragraph, line 7, “Two models were developed independently by Cuban researchers” should read “Two models were developed independently by AAS and AGQ.”

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    Jul-Sep 2018
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