Good news in the making of our journal



Regina Celia Figueiredo Castro

Editor-in-Chief, Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública/Pan American Journal of Public Health



As we write this, the Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública/Pan American Journal of Public Health (Revista/Journal) continues to undergo innovations in our policies, processes, and dissemination modes that we are proud to share with our readers.

As we noted in this section of our June 2009 issue,1 the Revista/Journal has joined the electronic-only ranks alongside numerous other colleagues; we are now in the open-access mode, and thus our contents are freely available to all readers.

The publication is also part of the SciELO Public Health collection of peer-reviewed journals, an initiative coordinated by the Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information (BIREME), a specialized center of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). Belonging to the SciELO Public Health Collection along with nine other Ibero-American public health journals and the Bulletin of the World Health Organization, is part of our strategy to achieve an even wider dissemination of public health knowledge.

Access to the SciELO Public Health Collection's resources will bring added value to our readers, since they now will have full use of a variety of new resources, including the capability to define profiles for receiving new article alerts, to follow up on the usage and citation statistics for their own articles, and to create a personalized SciELO library of selected articles.

The Revista/Journal will publish the articles online immediately upon approval (Ahead of Print), and links in such databases as MEDLINE, Web of Science, Scopus, and DOAJ will go directly to full-text versions of all published articles.

Usage and citation statistics from the Web of Science, Scopus, and SciELO indicate that over the past five years, the Revista/Journal is being consulted and cited with growing frequency. The publication's Impact Factor in the 2008 Journal Citation Reports (JCR) Social Sciences Edition was 0.994, positioning it in the third quartile of the Public, Environmental, & Occupational Health category. In 2006—the first year of its calculation—the Impact Factor was 0.512, and the following year it grew to 0.755. Among the other JCR-indexed Ibero-American public health journals, the Revista/Journal garnered the highest Impact Factor, followed by Revista de Saúde Pública and the Salud Pública de México. SciELO Public Health usage indicators show that the Revista/Journal currently holds third position among its top 10 most-visited titles.2

It is important to note that self-citation in the Revista/Journal, as measured by the JCR 2008, is only 7% and that the top 10 journals that most frequently cite the Revista/Journal are not only other SciELO Public Health journals, but also general medicine and specialized journals. Among them are the Lancet, JAMA, New England Journal of Medicine, American Journal of Public Health, Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, American Journal of Infection Control, and Vaccine.

Watch for a new Revista/Journal portal to soon make its debut on the PAHO Web site. Among its highlights will be practical, useful tips for users and reviewers and the introduction of new tools designed to enhance and streamline communication with our valued readers.

The very existence of the Revista/Journal depends on an effective, interactive partnership among its authors, reviewers, and readers. The changes and improvements you will see over the coming months are a direct expression of your interest, input, and participation. We are genuinely appreciative of your support and contributions.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with health practitioners, researchers and policy makers from around the world, and particularly encourage those from Latin America and the Caribbean to share their original work and ideas with us.



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2 http://scielo-log.bireme.br/scielolog/ofigraph20.php?app=scielosp&lang=en

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