To study the functioning of the item "participation" in the context of the Unique Health System SUS, as ideological product, corresponds, among other things, to evaluate the Municipal Health Councils: this is what Morita, Guimarães and Di Muzio try to do in their manuscript.

What Capoeira has to do with Psychiatric Reform? Miriam Cristiane Alves and Nédio Antonio Seminotti aim to respond in their paper: "The small group 'Capoeira workshop' in the context of the Psychiatric Reform".

Another theme focused by the Periodical, in another article, regards pharmaceutical assistance in the municipalities, a new practice that needs reinforcement before it is considered implemented.

The article by Tayra and Ribeiro discusses the capability of sustainability indicators to play their role of providing information, inducing and fomenting policies and decisions.

Data sources about violence, in special homicides, and their differences are the theme of the article by Kilsztajn and others.

Community needs and participation constitute the subject of the article by Boti: "The organizational learning: report on an experience in a Basic Health Unit".

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