In the efforts made by scientific journals to publish academic production in the field of Public Health, Saúde & Sociedade attained an important gain, passing to be classified as Qualis C International by Capes, since it was indexed by Cambridge Sociological Abstracts in two bases: CSA Sociological Abstracts and CSA Social Services Abstracts.

The journal gained on one side but lost in another with the leave of our editor for many years Augusta Alvarenga. Without her and her constant work, the journal would not be what it is today. We will also miss the members of our Publish Committee, Arnaldo Siqueira and Ana Cristina Bretas, that also contributed for the success of Saúde & Sociedade.

On the other hand, we gained a new Editor, professor Helena Ribeiro, and new members of the Publish Committee, professors Fabíola Zioni, Rubens Adorno and Mara Helena de Andréa Gomes.

In this issue, there are articles related to the theme of Equity, with a large scope of problems that go from the crisis of the welfare state to youngsters in the streets through a psychological approach. The issue deals also with Home Health Care; Accidents in road transport of dangerous substances with implications for environmental health surveillance; and sanitary and political reforms.

We thank the reader for his/her support, important for the increasing success of this publication.

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