In this issue, Saúde e Sociedade continues to publish dossiers with the important theme of violences, so present in the Brazilian reality and well portrayed in their multifaceted aspects by articles that comprise it and in the brilliant analysis on special editorial by Lilia Blima Schraiber.

Among the articles that make up the second part of the number 23/3, are results of research in different areas of public health.

Some are related to forms of work and access to the Brazilian Unified health system - SUS, important field of study and of evaluation topics and always present in issues of Saúde e Sociedade. The discussion on access to the SUS; the engaging of social movements on the boards of health, important component of the system; the role of community Health Agents in the fight against infant mortality, in actions of health promotion and in educational practices of dengue control are the highlights in this number.

Following, there is a series of four articles that deal with risk to the health of workers in different branches: courts, speech therapy, teaching and production of pyrotechnic materials.

The article Art and Trickery of Interviews, of Vitor Sérgio Ferreira, brings an important discussion on this method as used in qualitative research in health, major focus of Saúde e Sociedade.

Another important and innovative theme addressed is the article on the use of media in advertising pesticides for vector control, as if they were beneficial to health, without mention of their risks.

Two articles focus on harms to health of indigenous groups, one the tegumentary leishmaniasis and other suicide among these groups.

Finally, therapeutic itineraries of quilombolas are described in the article from Renata dos Santos e Maria Sebastiana Silva.

The number ends, as traditionally does, in three reports of experience at Primary Health Services.

Helena Ribeiro

In behalf of Editorial Board

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    Jul-Sep 2014
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