We have reached the end of the year 2012 certain that Saúde em Debate met its goal of publishing what is most important and current on scientific production and policy in the field of public health. The periodicity, which changed from four-month period to quarterly since the previous year, was rigorously maintained and this enabled the magazine to reach regularly to subscribers, that fact, coupled with the expansion and qualification of the Editorial Board and the Body of Reviewers, was also possible to publish more articles by number. The number of articles published in the year increased significantly due to these measures.

On the other hand, 2012 was also a year quite significant for Cebes as a whole, either by its participation in events of national and international scope, either by its permanent political involvement in the National Health Council and other forums for public engagement, and yet by the implementation and consolidation of the Training and Citizenship Project for SUS, developed from cooperation between the Open University of SUS (Universidade Aberta do SUS — UNA-SUS) and Cebes whose supporters are OPAS and the Ministry of Health. The courses offered in various big cities with the support and participation of its regional centers gave rise to ten e-books that will be available on the website of Cebes and UNA-SUS.

Within the scope of events, noteworthy highlights to the participation of CEBES at the People's Summit, which happened with the Rio +20 Conference, for which a special issue of Journal Saúde em Debate was released, with articles from recognized experts on the subject Health and Environment, and yet its participation in the Congress of the XII Latin American Social Medicine and Collective Health.

Continuing the proposal of the covers in this year, based on the principle that health is culture, culture is health, each one of the covers mentions an expression of popular manifestations of culture. This number reminds us of the multicolored marbles, so common in childhood games and play all over Brazil...

Happy reading!


Paulo Amarante
Scientific Editor

Centro Brasileiro de Estudos de Saúde RJ - Brazil