With the first issue of the 37th year of Journal Saúde em Debate, gladly we would have enough reasons to start 2013 with much enthusiasm. As if that were not enough, with the admission of the magazine into the project SciELO (Scientific Electronic Library Online), the reasons multiply. Far beyond the recognition, we are gratified by the fact that the articles published in our magazine will attain unparalleled scope.

Nevertheless that's not the only benefit that our readers will have with the historic step made by Saúde em Debate: a series of innovations and improvements is being implemented, starting with this number. The expansion of the Editorial Board and the ad hoc advisory group, with the inclusion of new national and international members (which will allow, including, that the journal may publish more international approaches), and the qualification of the whole review process of articles and production of the magazine are some of these aspects. But the reader will notice that there are many other innovations

More than ever, we must rely on our usual authors, as well as extend this spectrum in order to further enrich the magazine. And, of course, we rely on the collaboration, always essential of our consultants / reviewers, because it is their work, with extreme dedication, which provides the reader with a selection of high-quality scientific and policy articles.

This year we have opened a new theme for the covers of volume 37, inspired by popular festivals and celebrations of our immense, plentiful and diverse country, understanding that they are part of a broader concept of health as culture and quality of life. The illustration of this issue honors the 'stuck mast', in the Feast of St. Benedict the Moor in Barra do Jucu in the state of Espírito Santo, accompanied, as tradition dictates, with the Bands of Congo, which are typical not only in the capixaba lands, but in many parts across the country.

Enjoy your reading!


Paulo Amarante
Scientific Editor

Centro Brasileiro de Estudos de Saúde RJ - Brazil