• HIV and AIDS in the Americas: an epidemic with many faces Temas de Actualidad

    Abstract in English:

    This document presents data that was analyzed at a joint meeting of the Monitoring the AIDS Pandemic Network and the Latin America and Caribbean Epidemiological Network for HIV/AIDS, held in Rio de Janeiro from 4 to 5 November 2000, along with the final recommendations of that meeting. The report focuses on the diversity of the global HIV/AIDS pandemic, a diversity that is particularly evident in Latin America and the Caribbean. After providing an overall perspective on the epidemic in the Americas, the report describes the epidemic in different areas of the Americas: the Andean Subregion, Brazil, the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, the Southern Cone, and North America. The problem of infections associated with HIV/AIDS is also addressed, especially tuberculosis, as well as other sexually transmitted infections. Also analyzed are achievements and challenges in preventing HIV infection, both in groups that are usually considered of low risk (heterosexual adults) and those of high risk (men who have sex with men, intravenous drug users, young people, and marginalized populations). Other aspects analyzed are efforts to improve HIV surveillance, new antiretroviral agents and their impact, and the prevention of vertical transmission of HIV.
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