• Dengue and dengue hemorrhagic fever: research priorities Temas de Actualidad

    Guzmán, María G.; García, Gissel; Kourí, Gustavo

    Abstract in English:

    Dengue is one of the most important infectious diseases in tropical and subtropical countries. At present, the only strategy available to reduce the incidence of dengue is vector control. The World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization have called on all nations to take the needed steps to help diminish the burden of this disease and its medical and socioeconomic impact. It is hoped that it will be possible to reverse the increase in dengue and help control its spread through a coordinated, effective international response, along with epidemiological, clinical, and virological research that brings together the most advanced methods and techniques. This piece summarizes the most up-to-date information on dengue, analyzes current epidemiologic trends in the Region of the Americas, discusses the main global and Western Hemisphere initiatives to control the disease, and presents the main areas of research that should be developed in the immediate future.
Organización Panamericana de la Salud Washington - Washington - United States
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