Flavia Bustreo et al. (478) call for papers for an upcoming theme issue on women's health beyond reproduction. In a second editorial, Amitava Banerjee (479) highlights the need for better coordination of efforts to address noncommunicable diseases.

In the news section, Patrick Adams (482-483) looks at the new challenges for scientists in the polio endgame, while Gary Humphreys (484-485) examines the possibilities of particle therapy for treating cancer. In an interview, former UN peacekeeper Roméo Dallaire (486-487) talks about how to rehabilitate soldiers after conflict.


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Vaccine access

Lizell B Madsen et al. (554-556) ask whether price reductions are enough to ensure universal access to rotavirus vaccines.

Years after disability

JA Haagsma et al. (513-521) develop a method for calculating years lived with disability after injury.

Living with hepatitis C

Nathan Ford et al. (540-550) assess hepatitis C treatment outcomes in low- and middleincome countries.

How much does it cost to make health regulations?

Nick Wilson et al. (532-539) estimate the costs to government of enacting public health legislation.

Cash transfers

Ian Forde et al. (551-553) argue that the health sector can make better use of cash transfer schemes.

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