The Journal of Public Health has reached 20 years of existence with its volume number 20 in the current year. Since 2017, we announced that, on the occasion of the 20 anniversary, the magazine would undertake several editorial changes to advance towards a communication of greater scope and diversity. These changes started in 2017, in such a way that we got to 2018 with a transformation process underway. The Journal of Public Health is indexed in the major databases and international catalogs and we are now moving towards a publishing format that suits the international indexing, with a greater number of sections, a wider subject coverage, a diversity of styles and an amount of articles significantly larger than in previous years.

In comparison with the volume 18 of 2016, in the volume 19 of 2017 the changes that we have indicated are visible. These include:

  1. - The Journal of Public Health is published mainly as a visible, electronic magazine in indexes and repositories in which it is hosted.

  2. - The most common publishing format in major international journals is adopted in this magazine, with more textual and graphic content, submitted in an agile, pleasant and friendly way for reading and citation.

- Additional sections to the traditional scientific journals were created (articles, reviews, essays, and letters to the editor): a section dedicated to policies on public health, currently in discussion or in implementation and a "special section" where material is collected (articles, reviews or trials, no summaries) presented at different events in the field of public health. -The total number of articles published in 2017 has increased by 48% with regards to 2016 (124 against 84). Likewise, we kept the proportion of articles published in English (11%) and Portuguese (13%).

In 2018 we will continue making changes and improvements in the Journal of Public Health, keeping the same dedication and patience. Based on the solid credibility already acquired, in a few years we hope this effort to be translated into an extension of our audience of readers, scholars and authors using the information and content of the magazine. In the same way, we hope that this process in the long run will lead to effectively improving the positioning of the Journal of Public Health in the international indexes. ¡fortis Fortuna adiuvat!

Publication Dates

  • Publication in this collection
    Jan-Feb 2018
Instituto de Salud Publica, Facultad de Medicina - Universidad Nacional de Colombia Bogotá - DF - Colombia