The current issue of Saúde e Sociedade presents twenty papers, encompassing a broad and diversified set of themes and, consequently, diverse methodological perspectives compatible with the vast range of options that can be placed within the meta-area of health in its links with socio-cultural formations.

We have here, as objects of study, people and institutions (and their management), work processes, professional categories, biosafety, workers' health, student movement, media, eating habits, popular education, women involved with their sexuality, the human body, health promotion, and even - why not? - Tattoos.

The space of the papers involves Brazil as a whole and even foreign countries, showing once more the penetration of our editorial proposal.

The collective and permanent construction of a mural that is able to gradually reveal the face of health associated with society and vice-versa is not an exclusive task of a specialized publication which, nevertheless, plays a fundamental role in such endeavor.

This issue reveals that we are striving to accomplish, in the best possible way, our part of this task.


Fernando Lefèvre

In behalf of the Editorial Board

Faculdade de Saúde Pública, Universidade de São Paulo. Associação Paulista de Saúde Pública. SP - Brazil
E-mail: saudesoc@usp.br